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Dream Diary

Dream #1 | 9/11/2020

Me and Siwilli were living in an old delapitated house, this took place in what seemed to be an apocalypse, no zombies, its unknown what caused the world to be in the state its in.

Me and siwilli were scrounging around for some food near a shed on the property we were taking shelter at, somebody came out of the shed whom seemed to have been there longer than me and Siwilli, initially me and Siwilli thought to hide from them, but instead we spoke to him, we introduced ourselves and explained why we were on his property, he understood and decided to join me and Siwilli.

We headed to the house and for some reason headed on down to the basement, on our way down Siwilli got really angry for some reason and put a cloth bag over his own head, for some reason this seemed like a normal thing that he does, one of us managed to bump Siwilli and he fell down the stairs, I helped him up and said sorry, the dream ended there.

Dream #2 | 9/20/2020

The setting is that of a household of two Elderly parents, their teen child is in a horrible damaged state, he almost looks like a robot with how many prosthetics he has, his face looking uncanny, like a mannequin.

An old man in a suit walks up to the elderly couples door, they greet him, he would appear to be the damaged teens doctor, The doctor walks in and has a short conversation with the elderly parents, he then walks to the damaged teens room, taking notes on the teens condition, the damaged teen is wedged in between the bed and the wall.

The doctor then does something very unexpected, he locks the door and lays on the bed, he grabs the teens laptop and plays some of the games installed on it, he then says out loud that his plan to replace the kid is working, and that he will finally get to have a childhood. The doctor is the one who did the extreme amounts of damage to the kid, just so he could live out his creepy fantasy of being a child yet again. The damaged teen starts bashing the doctor’s side, the teens attempt to fight is futile. At that point I woke up from the dream, with the sensation of something hitting my back.

Dream #3 & EXTRA | 11/26/2020

This dream took place in what look like Garry's Mod at the field at my elemetary school, this dream was interesting, like other ones I've had where I got this INTENSE feeling of deja vu and nostalgia, like I've seen this in a video, or played it in a game, anyways, what happened was there was a bunch of other people all around playing around with the physics gun and toolgun, making all kinds of things, having fun, I was mostly an on looker.

As I mentioned earlier, this dream was very simmilar to two other dreams I had quite some time ago, those two dreams both being of games I grew up with and im quite fond of, these two dreams would take place in Super Mario Sunshine and Donkey Kong 64, both dreams were in levels that dont actually exist in both their respective games, the mario sunshine one being a huuuuge open world level, with puzzles and even shine sprites placed around.

The donkey kong 64 level was in some sort of a dark room, with walls that look like tree bark, there were bushes/shrubbery symetrically placed againsts the walls in the room, there were these Character pad things that only worked when specific player characters utilized them, both these dreams felt very familliar, like these levels/areas actually existed, what if they do? mabye I saw some kind of romhack waaaay back in the day, or mabye its something like that silly Mario 64 all copys of the game is personalized stuff.

Dream #4 | ??/??/2020